How do i do a repeated zoom in and out?

Im (at the moment) doing tests for a futur game and im having trouble figuring out how to create a reapeted zoom in and out effect. (just to give an idea of what i want to do: its to simulated a heart beat)
I don’t know if its possible but if it is can someone please tell me how :slight_smile:

It’s called breathing effect
You can do it with tweens
Scale object

But it is a little bit tricky to set up in events
Here is screenshot how to make float
But you do exactly the same just instead of changing position of object you change scale of it

I am doing it for big red siren an for saw
So you can skip doing 2nd object

One tip
As you see in my events i go for 1000 (meaning 1 sec) for duration
Then i wait more than 1 sec which is 1.05
Never go with wait action for tweens for exact same duration as for tween
Wait action always needs to be a little bit longer
I do not remember why exactly but i do remember it is important
I think it was bugging out if you had same or too close duration
You can test it out

And i say it works pretty well