How do I do ~ Fog of war/ Concealed rooms

How do I do Fog of War / Concealed rooms

Working on a top-down action game, and want rooms inside a scene that can not be seen inside of, until a door is opened. I achieved the basic goal of this by making rectangular objects that disappear when the corresponding door is opened.

Problem is, when they are on the base layer, and when I put them down, I obviously can’t see anything underneath while I edit. So I made a separate layer, put the rectangles on there, and without the constraints of the base layer (I’m assuming) They stick onto the screen. It looks like Gdevelop is interpreting them as a HUD type element.

How can I; hide the objects when they are on the base layer, for editing, OR have them on a separate layer, and have them stay in place. And of course if there’s just an all around better way of doing this, I’m all ears.

Oh, also, I saw there was a Fog of War RTS topic posted; it doesn’t exactly apply to this and I was not familiar with the mentioned “Fog Objects.” Please respond as lamens-terms as possible for me, I’m new!

Thanks y’all!

All layers will not move by themself.
It’s your camera events that move it.
You can make another camera event for your foglayer.
But when ure done, try to remember to get rid of unnecessary layer and extra camera events and put it on the base layer.

Worked! Thanks, and noted.

And for anyone coming to this looking for the same answer, here’s how it was achieved!