How do I don't allow 2 sprites overlap each other

Hi, I have 2 sprites that follow my sprite (the one that i command).
They point at my sprite and they stops when thery are closer than 300px. Obviously, if I do some circles with my sprite, they overlap each other. How can I don’t allow them to do that?
I thought to say that when they are closer than 100px between them → change direction of one of them.
I did it but if i contine circleing around, they overlap again but slowly.
Do someone know that?

There is an action to separate objects (move x away from y).
Give it a try.

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Thanks, I found it! But if I have like 10 enemies, I have to do all the combinations?
Or can I simplify it?

Try to make two groups and move groupA away from groupB. Not sure it’ll work.
If not, I think a behavior should work.