How do i edit the behavior parameters?

I wanna change the behavior parameters in some instances, but i dont know how to. does anyone know?

you can make use of instance variables also known as object variables, it’s a great way to identify instances

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i meant to set the behavior parameters of instances

Can you describe more the question & add some images?

lets say that i have 3 instances with the anchor behavior, and they all are top-left anchored, with no stretching, but i want one of those instances to go to the top-right instead, how would i do that?

You cannot directly edit the properties per instance for now, although I believe this has been a planned feature for quite some time. In the meantime, you can do as The Gem Dev suggested:

  1. Create an object variable for it to show on all of your instances, for example a boolean variable “RightAnchored” set to false by default.
  2. On the instances that you want to be right anchored, click on the instance and set the variable to true in the properties pannel
  3. In your events, at the beginning of the scene, do if variable RightAnchored of YourObject is true, then Set anchoring of the anchor behavior to top-right

…or at least that is what you would usually do, but it seems the anchor behavior does not have actions to edit its properties :confused:
Thus in your specific case it is sadly impossible: you will have to either wait for someone to fix this, or make a different object with different behavior properties, and use that different object for the object that need to be anchored to the right. You can use an object group to make events apply to both the left anchored and right anchored objects as a single object.

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