How do I export to mobile? [SOLVED]

This question was answered in the documentation for earlier releases of the software; however, I do not see any option to export for mobile in the current version that I am running.

How do I…

How do I export my game to mobile?

What is the expected result

I should be able to use external tools to upload the game to the app store, Google play, etc. and to test it locally.

What is the actual result

I am only seeing the option to publish on

Related screenshots

Project files (optional)

Not sure how to access the actual project files either, they appear to be stored on a GDevelop server. Would love to download them.

Are you using the mobile editor app?

No, I use a laptop. 2022 macbook.

What release on you on?

The export button hasn’t looked like that for a looong time. While it is possible it could be different for Mac, here’s what I see on both desktop and the web client:


Whoa interesting. I just downloaded it over the summer from the main website. I’ve got 1.0.46. Once I figure out how to download my project files so I don’t lose them, I’ll redownload it. Thanks!

Edit: Yeah using the web app instead of the one I have installed it totally works. Thank you!

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