How do I fix game window size on publish

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noob here - again.

I’ve just published my first draft to and at a widow size of 480x270 but the text or images looks tight or overlapping.
This is the menu from
Screenshot from 2024-06-23 20-16-42

I used this at the beginning of all my scenes - was this correct thing to do?

I’m pretty sure this is just my lack of understanding - sorry and thankyou for your help.

What I would like to do is add a screen size button - so players can play at maximised or full screen. I thought ‘again me being naive’ - that it would automatically have this built into the game portal (ie., etc)

This is how the menu displays after published:
Screenshot from 2024-06-23 20-16-42

This is how it looks in Gdevelop. … is it because I’m using NewBBText?
Screenshot from 2024-06-23 21-09-56

I had a look at article Preview Window Fixed Size? - #3 by JayH and attempted to copy these steps but i made my project worse.

Also - just to note: I found the ‘Fullscreen button — Add a button to the bottom right corner of your embed to make it fullscreen’ in

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If you uncheck “update resolution during the game” option it will keep the actual display of the game at 480x270, regardless of window size.

It does look like the text object is at fault because you can see the spacing looks very different at the higher resolution

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