How do I fix the broken enemy?

How do I fix the enemy?

I am trying to fix this but cant seem to fix it. There are basically 4 instances of the enemy on the map and when I run it then all of it merges into one (I think the visuals only).

This is the project file

(Idk why I cant send 2 pictures)

Hi, could you just post some screen snips of your events? You will be more likely to get help as not everyone just downloads and opens a zip-file from an unknown source.

If I understand correctly you’re using 2 objects in unison, one as a hitbox. If so, you can use the sticker behavior on one object and stick it to the object that is being moved. Then they’ll move in unison.

As is, near the bottom it’s trying to position one object onto the other but it doesn’t know which collision object to use so, it just uses I believe either the first or last object for each one. I want to say the last instance but I could be wrong.

Either way, to fix your method, you could use the link action under [other actions] to link the objects and then use the take into account linked objects condition under [other conditions] to pick the linked object prior to changing the position.

The sticker behavior is much easier but if you’re not already familiar with linking it would be beneficial to learn. BTW the link is just a reference, it doesn’t change the objects, it just creates a way to pick the linked object(s). You would still treat them as separate objects with separate actions.

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