How do I fix the player not moving to the left?

idk why it isn’t moving, I set to simulate moving as left (something like that).

You should remove this:

I removed it, and still it doesnt work

Try changing the max speed to it’s negative value (-300) when “left” is pressed.

Didn’t work sorry, im not sure why it isn’t working. It works when I press left and right together at the same time.

It might be because you seem to have them all set to sub-event status of the “movement” description. Try dragging the Left key press event to the left so that it’s not a sub-event and see if that might work?

You could also try doing Trigger Once on the key releases.

Not sure what’s wrong either. :confused:
Did you set any limits for player or camera?
Try deleting and redoing the Left key block :man_shrugging:

nope theres only barriers, I tried redoing it and still. Maybe its a bug?

Reproduce the issue in a new project and share it with us, we’ll investigate

The player moving animation is repeated twice on both left and right key press. Try doing a “animation finished” condition. Could be some kind of clash with the animations