How do I fix the twitching animation of transitions sprites and so on on the Android device?

When exporting to Android, my screen starts flashing on my device, who had this?
can you help or is this a bug in the engine?
Sorry for the earlier translation I just don’t know English very well.
I will attach screenshots and videos if necessary.

Im a little bit confused, what device screen is flashing? the pc or the cp?. Also, attaching screenshots / videos will be helpful :slight_smile:

Sorry for the incorrect sentence structure
on an Android device intermittent animation and the camera moves from side to side creates a blinking effect although on a PC this was not observed on other Android devices

In General, the Android device twitches animation, camera, all transitions between scenes, and so on

Do you mind showing me your event sheet?

I think the problem is not in it, since I ported the sources from Gdevelop5 and it was the same with them

Can use Cocos2d-JS instead of Cordova

Did you apply any layer effects into your scene?

Maybe the problem is in my Android device what do you think?
I even created a new project nothing has changed the error was not corrected

Hi! Can you provide a screenshot of the error, and also what is the version of your android device?

I found out that my device has a broken firmware
and because of this the change of personnel does not work well
(so that the error is not solved) you can close this topic