How do I fix this animation/movement issue?

The forum was super helpful with my last issue so I thought I should probably make a new post about my current problem since it’s holding things up and is generally super annoying.

This is more of a how do I fix situation.

I have a player moving in 8 directions. This player is made up of layered sprites.
For some reason, ever since my initial set up of the player I have had a specific problem.
North and North East movement will not trigger the animation for the player and causes some buggy movement explained below.

Ideally this player should be able to move in 8 direction with a walking animation per direction.

Instead what’s happening is the animation freezes in place. The player character does not appear to move but the actual player object is. The second the player moves a different direction they teleport to where the player object is.
I have set these animations back up. If they’re disabled the player moves as expected just playing default animations instead. All of the events are set up the same way. But these two specifically will not function.


Hello, consider doing it like this. You can change the animation depending on the angle of movement of the object (both for objects with the behavior of top-down movement and for objects moved by applying force to them)
You can create an object group and change animations for it instead of going throug full list manually.


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You’ll have to excuse me if this sounds a bit scattered, I’m dealing with a migraine. I’ll try to lay out what’s happening for you.
What you suggested for the Top Down Movement worked fantastically, much simpler than what I was doing! So thank you for that! The animations are working better than they were before but…

I’m still having issues when transitioning animations.

If I’m still holding Right and then press and hold Up the animation stops working.
If I’m holding Left and Up but then release Left then the animation freezes.
If I press Up and animation plays correctly.
If I press Up and Right the animation plays correctly half the time.
It seems to be when I’m transitioning from one direction to another but only with the the Up and Right buttons. The Left and Down work perfectly and Left and Up usually work unless I’m trying to switch to up.
It just seems to be the Up and Right directions giving me issues.

One odd thing I did notice is that in order for my animations to play correctly I couldn’t start at 0 as you did in your example. I had to start with -45 then 0, 45, 90, etc.

I’m at a loss and any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Can you send a screenshot of your actions?
Also, are you sure its not the problem with the animations themselves, they are not set to some wierd play speed or set to play just once?

Animations are all set to the same time and set to loop. One thing that is different is with the face which has a blank sprite for the upward directions but even without the face included the same issues occur.

There’s going to be a long effect list in here, it’s just making sure the skin tones are disabled so that I can see which way the sprites are facing. With the skin tones all enabled I have the same exact issue.

I also set up some text indicators for the directions in the actual scene itself that will show the button being pressed when it’s pressed. This works for Left, Down, and Right and the combinations of those.

But all of the northward facing directions aren’t working.

So top number is the animation number being played.
The Up, Down, Left, Right indicate which buttons are being pressed. Up doesn’t seem to be registering at all which means Up Left and Up Right also fail to work. They just freeze until another direction is pressed.

GIF 8-1-2023 09-04-07 PM

Very strange, my assumption is that there may be conflicting events somewhere. It’s hard to say something without having the project on hand. Events that are shown on the screenshots are clearly not causing the problem. Try checking the messages in debugger.

*You can disable all of your SkinTone effects like this, and enable in a similar way too.

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Okay, I’m going to tinker with this a bit, try using a clean slate and begin recreating things to see if I can find where the issue is. So far, so good! I’ll update once I’ve made a little headway.
I did figure out why the angles were different and thats me being dumb, I forgot top down movement has an option for Isometric which does change those based angles.

Thank you for the assist so far! I’m glad I’m not crazy and things at least look set up correctly.