How do i fix this death animation

So, I was following this video.

and I did it---- kind off, I have made this video, see what happened

It’s easier to read events in a screenshot, especially on a phone. It’s also better to actually explain what is happening instead of making people watch a video or make a guess.

IDK if this is the only issue but the last event won’t be triggered because it’s a subevent of animation doesn’t equal “hit”. The animation is changed to “hit” but the animation just started so, it won’t trigger the “is finished” and can’t be checked on the next frame.

wait only pauses the remaining events or subevents of the current event. It might work if the last line was a subevent of the wait. A better way might be to move the last line onto a line by itself so it can run anytime.

Is there any better tutorial for this? and does it matter of which order the script, or it doesn’t matter?

I don’t know about specific tutorials.

I’m not sure what you mean. Events are processed from top to bottom. It’s updated one frame at a time. For many things it’s the final event that matters. If you change the animation at the top and then change it again latter. You’ll only see the last change. Although, during the event sheet, you can read the animation vaule at any point and it might have a different value.

Some events might depend on the outcome of other events, others may not. In general terms, it doesn’t matter where you handle things. Although, it’s best to take care of things that rely on other things in sequence instead of waiting for the next frame.

If you moved a character with a key press, the event could be anywhere. But if the animation changed because of it you’d want to process the move and animation close together or at least in order so it’s not processing things a frame behind.

A frame doesn’t sound like much but if it happens each time then things can look slightly off or delayed. It’s like the audio and video being out of sync. It’s noticeable even if it’s just a little.

The order of the conditions is usually very important. Not just from a functional stance but for efficiency.

If that’s not what you meant please expand on what your question is.