How do i fix this glitch?

I was making my own platformer game (with the platformer behavior) and, my character movements were working good, but when i stop using a key that moves the player, the player slides, (even really slightly when it looks like he isn’t moving anymore, So someone, tell me how to fix it.

Try increasing the deceleration

i already set it to 0

edit : ima try making it about 10 or 1

You should not, you should actually set it to higher number like, if your acceleration is 500, try setting it on 1500. I somewhat don’t know how it works but I know that it is the thing from what the player’s speed will decrease.

as soon as you replied i set it to 600 lol

thanks for trying to help tho

Did it not get fixed?

no, it got fixed, im just saying that literally before you said that i set it to 600