How do i fix this hitbox on the wall?

How do I fix this hitbox on the wall? its a tiled sprite Screen capture - 86355b6b1f4cb1a9fe6c68c98a3e7a0b - Gyazo

Go To The Object Menu Like Where You Add Your Animations And Change The Hitbox Ut I Bit Like Dont Make It Cover The Whole Thing Just The Top Part

its a tiled sprite… it has no hitboxes

Oh Then I Dont Know Sorry

:frowning: i really wanna fix this

I’ll Try To Look In To It

Ok So If Your Player Is A Sprite Put Its Hitbox To Around Its Waist

Screenshot - c623ccaa3273a74fe530730fecfa7c00 - Gyazo i suck at hitbox editing can u help? if u have discord msg me: Fob823


Ok I’ll add you on discord

Change the hitbox of the player to about half of the y axis