How do I fix Yarn not saving/loading?

How do I…

How do I fix the game failing to save the yarn dialogue?
I can’t tell if it’s the way I setup the dialogue system with the game, or the save/load system itself…

What is the expected result

The game should resume from the last save and be able to save its current state

What is the actual result

It restarts from the beginning…

Related screenshots

Actual Save & Load Events:

Dialogue System Setup Events:

Project files (optional)


If I remember correctly, I don’t believe Yarn dialogue works 100% the same as other variables, and may not work in the same way with storage.

I’d recommend checking what the gameSave variable looks when running the preview debugger, and then the same thing for the tempSave variable to compare the differences.

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Just ran the debugger, here is the gameSave global variable:

And here is the tempSave variable:

Anything I might’ve screwed up?

Well, your gamesave variable is outright empty, (other than start = true) so it doesn’t seem like anything is getting stored there.

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I’m trying to make my own saving system (a terrible one?) that saves the current branch and line in the branch which seems like it should be easier to handle on paper however, is there a way to check how far the player is into a particular branch?