How do I ..Force and collisions [Dash]

Hi guys! I don’t understand something and I need your lights once more!
I’m trying to implement a dash for a platformer character from scratch and I’d like to use a “force” action.
I’m using the “move toward a position” action.
Everything goes well until the Player reaches a wall.
In my test project, I’ve set a very simple wall with a platform behaviour. And in my mind, the Player should not be able to go through it whatever the force applied.
But, unless I’m mistaken and there’s something else at play, it doesn’t seem to work that way.
When I’m not too far from a wall and dash, the Player goes through.
How do I do so that the Player doesn’t go through?

Let me add short video for illustration purposes : Preview of TestingGround 2023-12-11 23-33-49

Is it normal? Can I do something about it? Should the Player go through? Is it working as intended?


Don’t move platformer characters by applying forces. It messes with the platformer calculation.

Instead, increase the platform character’s max speed for a short period of time.

Thanks for your answer! I will try that, although, at first, I had chosen to use force because I wanted to control the dash distance more easily and didn’t want to mess with timers and such…

Hi there! I tried using the Horizontal Dash extension but couldn’t figure out how it worked. I couldn’t find any real explanation on the “sustain” parameter so I didn’t really know how to make it work. I looked at the project linked to the extension and although it works very well with the way the behaviour is set in this project, I can’t seem to be able to reproduce, although I messed around with the numbers for quite a while!

Maybe you can contact the extension author (if there is one) and ask them if they can help with the issue. I’m not familiar with the extension as I have never used it.

Thanks man!
Ok, so I have another question : I’ve experimented with increasing the max speed of the platformer character for the Dash and I have an issue. I’d like the player not be forced to hold a direction to Dash. Could I make it so using the max speed to create the dash?

I tried with “simulate right” but the “trigger once” on the condition messes it up…