How do I get back to previous scene after a reward video is shown?

I Created a game called meteoric hole survival recently… I implemented admob by creating a play button where the player can go back to the previous scene(gameplay) once they see a rewarded video…
but the issue is once I go back to the previous scene it starts exactly where it ended off…
The game is an endless survival game so the player gets deleted after it hits a hole… so the scene starts playing without the player visible on the game… And if I create the player randomly it could collide with a hole once the scene is back…So How do I correct it? How do I make the game restart while keeping the scores intact?

Move the player to a safe place just before switching to the next scene

If you want the score to be independent of your scene, store it in a global variable.

Is there an example of how I can do it?

Thanks for the idea man

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sorry, maybe he can’t help you, but why don’t you do that when he is hit instead of eliminating the player you get the menu from which you can see the video? so if he sees the video he goes back, without having to do anything