How do I get started with using dialogues in Gdevelop?

I can’t find any tutorials or information on how you actually get started with using dialogues and this YARN system they talk about. It all seems amazing but I just don’t know how to start, how to create a dialogue, open it? Do I have to install something or what do I need to do?
Please help! If you could provide with screenshots of the process that would also be very much appreciated! :blush:

You will be able to create dialogues in next update.
Actually we can use dialogues files but not yet create a new one inside GD. We will update wiki link after the next update.

Do you know when the next update is coming?
How do I use dialogue files?

I’m not a dev but I would say when the features in doing on the Trello are all moved to ready for release. To create dialogue files, use yarn.

Can I use Visual Studio Code with a Yarn extension to edit the Yarn files or do I have to install Yarn while we wait for the next version of GD? Does anyone have any recommendations for a good VSC Yarn extension?

Yarn is a software. Just download the installer. Do not confound with yarn packet manager for NodeJS.

I’m aware it’s a software, I was just hoping to not have to download a whole other program to edit a file. There are several Yarn extensions for Visual Studio Code that appear to do that much.


Yarn extensions are probably, as I said, for the NodeJS Packet Manager. And do you expect, Idk office to open zip files with an extension? Just download the thing that was meant for that and there you go. And btw VS Code extensions are a “whole program” too.

No, but I do expect that Office will export to PDF files even though it’s an Adobe product meant to be created with Adobe Acrobat. I also expect that GD will support working directly with Yarn files through its editor in the next update, making a separate download unnecessary.

An abrupt, condescending attitude is also unnecessary.

Oh. I am sorry, I didn’t meant it like that. I don’t want you to think that I think of me as superior or something. In fact, I am still pretty new here, and I am absolutely not the most experienced one, but I try to do my best to help and give the little I know away. I hope you didn’t took it too badly.
My apologies again.


There is a yarn example project you can easily find in gdevelop (search for dialogue)

Also yarn editor is bundled with gdevelop, so no need to install external tools to write dialogues