How do I get the platform character to shoot straight

I am currently working on a small platformer to practice. I would like my character to shoot straight like mega man. I have created two points in the character animations. FirePoint and TagetPoint. I have expanded the area of all of the animations to 96 and 96 to ensure all the points are included in each animation.

I have successfully gotten it to shoot to the location of my mouse as well as the location of the mobile joystick angle.

So is that horizontally? What does it currently do? And can you screen shot the points on the CharacterIronMan object?

So I ended up going to that and I was able to get some stuff working. However I am sure there are better ways to go about this. I think I will end up incorporating things from the Not a Vania tutorials. However things behave weird and I find I am having to adjust the spawn points for the bullets in my events. So there must be something I am not understanding.

The melee attacks for Hawkeye and Ironman both work as intended.

Here is the requested Iron man