HOW DO I get the player to move forward?

I want to make a running game . At the start of the game, the player runs automatically. I have added movement, but how do I push the player to move forward? I do not want to move the ground backwards. I want the player to move forward.

I would suggest to make one or two of the tutorials, to get a better understanding of how things work in Gdevelop.

There is also a page in the documentation that lists all the options of how to move objects:

Its also a good idea to have a look at the templates and examples. They can give you a lot of inspiration for solving problems along the way:

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There are solutions, Depending one what you are using.

Platformer behavior: Create an event without conditions, with a “simulate control” event, and make it simulate pressing right.

No platformer behavior: Change X position with an Event.

The X position change can work with the platformer behavior as well.

I would also like to say that the first commenter did in fact give you solutions on how to move objects, they’re explained behind the second link. Posting a link to something that’s already written instead of taking time To write it again is not taking the role of a priviliged person, but sharing information, but i hope a written out comment can help you out regardless.


The first person, thank for him , provided information known to everyone. If I had learned from it, I would not have asked here. I could not find the solution in the videos and ready-made projects, so I asked here: Why do you take me back to square one and tell me that there are ready-made projects as if I did not know that?

Regarding your answer, thank you. I will try what you said

Hi @asd,

I absolutely agree, that’s what the forum is there for. It seems my reply displeased you which was not my intent. Your question implies that you are beginner with the engine and that’s why I wanted to point you to some materials that are very helpful for everyone who is using Gdevelop.

See, I don’t know what you know. Surprisingly a lot of people seem not to know about the linked resources or don’t bother to look at them. So I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to give you some hints where to find the answer to your question.

You can read my post in two ways: in a friendly way or in a way that comes across as condescending. I could have added a few words more to make sure that you know that I meant it the first way.

I am not privileged at all when it comes to using Gdevelop. There are many things I have no clue about. What I just know is that figuring out things yourself with help of the documentation and the examples is in most cases the best way to learn, instead of depending on the help of ‘privileged persons’.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify my intentions. I like the forum because there is rarely any malicious stuff including passive-aggressiveness. So please let’s communicate openly and straight. Stuff like “My dear friend”, “canned” and “Thank you” are unnecessary to let me know that my reply was not helpful to you.

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I apologize to you . .
I’m not naturally bad
But sometimes we write our responses while we are under some pressure, and this is reflected in our words
I repeat my apologies and you will always remain my dear friend :rose: