How do I get these two objects with pully joints to stop locking

Hi! I’ve been at my wits end since friday trying to get this to work.

What I’m trying to do is make a scale with 2 baskets and when you plop objects in to it it works like a normal scale. I have been using pully joints as that’s the only way I’ve figured out to do.

My problem is when another object with physics touches the objects with the pully joint it locks up. It also locks up when I drag the baskets around (I wanted to see if it was the ball’s fault). So I have no idea what to do. I have tried all I could find that I was able to understand. Can someone help me? Maybe I’m not supposed to use a pully joint at all but I have no idea how to do this. I’m new to anything have to do with physics.

Here’s a video showing exactly what it does:

Here’s the code:

The points are the same on both sides.

If there is a super obvious answer I’m sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing, honestly proud I got this far myself LOL

Thank you!!!

I’m no physics pro but I have played around with this concept before. IDK why the pulleys are at different Y values. IDK if that matters. Joints only need to be added once, I don’t see a trigger once or at the beginning.

When I created a scale I used a beam with a revolute joint in its center like a seesaw and then I attached the baskets with ropes from the respective ends. You can limit the revolute joint angle from say -45 to 45. You would also need to up the dampening and maybe mass or gravity on the baskets so they don’t swing so wildly.

FYI, the physics objects use their own collision mask and it’s unfortunately very basic. Since you can’t make masks that are concave or bowl-like, you would either need to use something else like high friction or forces to keep the balls on the basket. IDK. Or use multiple objects on the ends that represent small walls.

I believe I tried the wall style before. I think I welded the walls to the basket and then used a rope from each wall to the beam or I might have used another object to create a sort of upside down Y. A rope between the beam end to a link object and then a ropes from the link to the basket ends.

IDK if the extra ropes increase the realism but I like the concept of how it matches a real world design.

I hope this helped.

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oh snap that totally fixed the pulley joint problem! thanks!
I actually like your way better as that’s what I wanted to begin with, did you attach your ropes with a rope joint or still the pully joint?

good to hear. I used rope joints.