How do I go about updating an existing extension?

I’d like to add some extra functionality to existing extensions. How do I go about doing that? Do I need to clone it from GitHub? Is there a process to follow?

You can simply open the extension in GDevelop (if clicking on it opens the extension store page, there should be a button to edit the extension in that store page), and do the edits that you want. Once you are done, you may add yourself in the authors list in the extensions options if you want to get credit for your work on the extension. In the same extension options menu, there should be at the bottom left a button to export the extension file. Go on

, and click on “New extension”. Upload your file there with all of the fields filled out. The system should notify you if an error haas been detected in your submission, otherwise it will make a PR to start the review process for the extension update.

tl;dr it’s pretty much the same as a new extension, just start from the existing extension.