How do I have a button that sends me to a specific website?

I wanna make it to where when I click on something it sends me to a specific website. The closest thing I found to be able to do this is the “send a request to a web page” option. For all I know it’s probably just something else but it literally says request a web page so it sounds like that could be it. But it doesn’t seem to be working and I’m not completely sure how to do it. If anyone knows how to do this could you help me out? I would really appreciate it.

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There is a open URL or file event. Use that:slightly_smiling_face:

OOHHhhh Okay. Thank you so much!

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The weird thing about it is there’s no back or forward button when going to a website and alt left or alt right don’t do anything, but still thank you anyways!

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Probably for every time you click that button a new browser tab or window is created. Obviously it has no other browsing history so why should there be back and forward buttons?

I am not sure what kind of game environment you are using, but as I am planning for the browser itself I wanted the possibility to send the browser elsewhere, replacing the currently running game with new the new page. This could allow me jump from game to game. See more at [SOLVED] How do I navigate the browser?