How do I help my player from getting stuck in Collision objects?

How do I…

So, my player is getting stuck whenever I move down and collide with a Collision object on my .EXE game… I was wondering if you kind people could help me out… (I have a custom event(s) for moving the player btw)

What is the expected result

My player should be able to move back up.

What is the actual result

My player is getting stuck and the only way to get out is to find an opening where you can move down again. (I have a already made solution, but I don’t want to have to restart every time I get stuck.)

Related screenshots

As you can see, I have a built in system, but like I said, I don’t want to keep restarting when I get stuck.

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Can you send the game link so i can play it myself and see the issue i dont really understand your problem.

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I like the fact that you’re making movement behaviour from ground up.
Anyway, there is a Separate two objects event - first select NewSprite4, then your wall’s object.

Ok, I will send you the game link.

here is the link to the game The World's Hardest Game.exe | Play on

Are there more events or behaviors to this? What prevents the object from going through the walls?

There is a collision behavior with the hidden collision blocks that is behind the level.
I can show you proof if you like.

Is it your behavior? If so, can you post the applicable events? Your problem sounds so familiar. Either I had it before or I saw another thread. I want to say it sounds like a timing or the order of the events issue.

Well, I have been using the platform behavior for as long as I had GDevelop, I don’t understand what could be wrong with it… But the problem might be the movement events, which I had displayed in the image.

It could be the platform behavior it’s designed to be used as a platform with a platform character.

Remove the platform behavior and as reina said try using the separate objects action. Add an event without any conditions and add an action for the newsprite4 object from the action list, pick separate objects and put the wall object in the other box so it says

Move newsprite4 away from wall object only newsprite4 moves

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