How do I hide objects while editing the game

I’m wondering if there’s another way besides hiding “layers” specifically to hide objects in the editor mode. What if I just wanna hide one object but nothing else besides that one object in that specific layer. How do I do it? Is there even a way to?

You could temporarily change the z-order so it is behind everything else. Otherwise, unless you move it to a “hide” layer that is already hidden, I don’t think you can hide objects that have been added to a scene.

When I was working on something that needed a lot of objects, I set up an extra layer called “hidden” that was disabled, and just moved everything I didn’t need to see to that, then just moved them back to Base once I was done.

Alright that’s an interesting technique.

Also something I’ve noticed is that even if you do have like some sprite or an image hovering over another sprite or image, it’s difficult to select the other sprite or image behind it if that makes any sense. but then again you can probably just move the image you want to just get out the way real quick, to the invisible layer and then put it right back to the layer it was on before when you’re done. It makes sense so yeah that technique will definitely help.

When you have a ton of objects real close together, you’re better off using the Instance list to select the objects you want rather than trying to click the object itself.