How Do I Implement the "Wait __ seconds" condition using a global timer

For this game, bread is falling from the sky and the player has to catch it. A random number of how much bread the player is to collect is chosen. Once the player collects the random amount, the timer should stop for 3 secs, say ‘next day starts in 3…2…1" and then once 3 secs is up, start the next ‘day’ with a different random collection number goal. The issue is that the timer never restarts so the condition is never trigged. I am essentially trying to create the condition to "wait 3 seconds’, then do this. How can I accomplish this?

This is what the SceneTimer looks like.

It’s hard to grok what you are really asking… because it seems you know how to use a scene timer already. There is no such thing as a global timer.
Create a timer with an action: Create scene timer “timer”
Condition to check if timer is greater than 3 seconds: Is timer “timer” > 3.0
Remove a timer: Delete timer “timer”
Condition to put over all the logic you don’t want to run while the timer is running:
Timer “timer” > 0.0

Perhaps you will find this article helpful:

I’m trying to implement a condition to wait 3 seconds before performing an action. I implemented the suggestion to create the timer then delete it - it’s labeled as CollectionPause. But it’s still not working.

Your conditional logic is flawed because of the trigger once on the parent condition for ismanacollected. You only want to do the actions once but you want to check the timers every frame when that bool is true.
Try removing the trigger once from the parent, create a new sub condition with the trigger once condition, then move all those actions from the parent to that new condition.
Alternatively you can move the timer conditions up a level and add the Boolean check to both of them.

Thanks but that doesn’t work either (I tried both options). It executes all the way up until ‘pause timer hours’ and I’ll assume creating the collectionpause timer. but the rest isn’t triggered.

Abuji, you gotta move your “Reset the timer…” and “Pause timer…” actions up into the “Trigger Once” conditional, otherwise you are resetting and pausing those timers every frame that the parent boolean is true.

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Separating them works perfectly! thank you