How do I implement tonejs and woscope js in gdevelop

Hello everyone, I am new to gdevelop and have no programming experience, but I heard about gdevelop and I want to program a music application. I need to integrate tonejs and woscope js As long as I can press a key or A button or a sprite can then trigger tonejs to produce a C4 pitch synthesizer sound, and then this sound is passed into woscope js and then the oscilloscope waveform is displayed on something similar to canvas. I have searched a lot on the Internet and forums. , but there is no answer. I urgently need help. Thank you all in advance.

Can anyone give me an example so that I can study it myself? Thank you very much in advance.


Unfortunately there isn’t going to be any examples for this because no one has ever implemented these before (or if they have, at least not publicly).

As these are code libraries, to implement them you will need to to at least the following:

  1. Have an intermediate to advanced understanding of Javascript.
  2. Have a full understanding of the API of the libraries in question.
  3. Have a intermediate or better understanding of the GDevelop API, documentation of which can be found here GDevelop JavaScript game engine (note this documentation won’t make sense until you have an intermediate or better understanding of javascript)

Folks won’t be able you help you much (if at all) with 1 or 2 above here, and won’t be able to assist with item 3 until 1 and 2 are completed. Hopefully the above at least helps point you in the right direction of what you will be required to learn to move forward.

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thank you very much. I will try to follow your tips and try it myself. I will definitely have a lot of questions and I will trouble you again. Thank you very much again.