How do I improve the clarity/resolution of my game?

How do I improve the clarity of my game?

My game is so sharp and clear when I have it in a windowed mode, and when I go to full screen all the text becomes less clear. The text isn’t bad per se, but I wish it looked like it did in windowed mode. How do I make this look better? Am I crazy? Does anyone else see the difference here?

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honestly it might be the text object or something theres like bitmap text or smtn that is for more detailed text i forgot how it exactly worked

I took a break fr like a few weeks so idrk
sorry if this isnt helpful btw

I think im right I might not be I hope this helps?

Yes, the link you provided worked. However, in my case, I can’t tell the difference regardless of which three I use: text, BBtext, or Bitmap text.

I have also found this to be the case, even when using scalable fonts (OpenType/TrueType: regular fonts you’d install to use in Word etc.). Bitmap fonts are essentially small images and will look fuzzy if you use them at any size other than the size they were created for, just like when you scale a sprite up inside GDevelop it looks less crisp. So if you create a bitmap font at size 12 for your windowed mode and go fullscreen with it, the text will look fuzzy.

The only way around your issue that I can think of is to create your game at the larger size you want and then set it to run at a smaller size. This may work out okay for bitmap fonts too, since you’d be sizing them down as the game runs, not up. Sometimes scaling down may make text look a little jaggy, but your mileage may vary. You may have to choose between the least worst option: (1) text looks a little soft when you go fullscreen or (2) create your game at the larger size*, guaranteeing that text looks crisp when either fullscreen or windowed.

*I don’t know if this is a good idea in terms of performance as I have never created a project that gets scaled down as it runs, though I don’t see why this would be harder for GDevelop than a game that was designed for a small window but gets run in fullscreen. Cleverer people than me might have some insight into that side of things.

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