How do I install the Linux version on Chromebook?

I’ve seen a couple of forum posts which suggest that the Linux version works on Chromebook but I can’t find any detailed instructions on how to do it.

I’ve turned on and installed Linux beta on Chrome OS 79.
From the GDevelop website I downloaded the latest GDevelop 5 tar.gz file for linux installs.
I extracted the gz file to my default Linux files folder.
I renamed the extracted folder to gdevelop.
In the linux terminal I typed ls to make sure the gdevelop folder was listed.
Then in the linux terminal I tried installing gdevelop using
chmod +x ./gdevelop
Nothing happens. I don’t get an error message. Should there be a deb file to let me install it directly from my file folder? Would really like to get this working for a school setting. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it.

I believe this is all I have done after done everything you mentioned.
Did you install libconf-2-4?
sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
If there is any dependency missing it should mention it though.
The terminal say nothing at all?

Thank you for you help.
Yes, I installed libconf-2-4 (forgot to mention that!)
I rebooted, opened the terminal again and entered chmod +x ./gdevelop
Hit enter.
Then, I entered ./gdevelop
Received a message saying ./gdevelop is a directory

If I try ./gdevelop/gdevelop
I get “cannot execute binary file”.

This error either means you opened the wrong file (It doesn’t look like it) Or when you try to execute a file on the wrong architecture. You apparently downloaded a x64 bit version while you have a x32 or x86 computer. Find and download a x32 bits version of the file.

Thanks Aruthuro.

I think that must be it! I’ve a 32-bit lenovo chromebook. I’ll see if I can find a 32-bit version for linux.

You will need to install nodeJS and npm to build manually.

  1. download that and install it:
    You can do it like this:
curl -L "" > nodejs.deb
sudo apt install ./nodejs.deb
  1. Install npm by downloading and executing this file:
  2. Download the source code of gdevelop from here
  3. Extract the archive then go into the extracted folder, then into ./newIDE/app
  4. Type “npm install” and then “npm start”
  5. When it shows a message Compilation succeed or succeeded with warnings, type ctrl+c to close it
  6. Go back into newIDE then into electron-app
  7. Type “npm install” then “npm build --linux tar.gz”
  8. Upload the file inside the subdirectory dist to the forum for other users and do with it what you have done with the downloaded one to start GDevelop.
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Thanks again Arthuro,

I’ll give that a go during the week and report back on how I get on. I appreciate the clear instructions. :+1:

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For next release i will compile a new build for 32bits for Windows.
I will try for Linux to.
I compile last release in 32bits here :

One question just by curiosity, why this choice to keep 32bits ?

this is not always a choice. maybe he didn’t see or got it as a present

Yes make sense.

Try this i’am not sure if this working let me know :slight_smile: !
File here for linux 32bits

The better solution for moment isthe editor online but you have some limitation very anoying.
But these limitation will disappear over time :wink:

Hello, sorry if this is a necrobump but as far as I can tell the 32bit linux download link isn’t working. Thank you.

Links are here now :