How do I integrate Google play games api?


I’m trying to integrate the google play games into my games so that people can have a track record, unlock achievements, and also use the google play games leaderboard if possible. I couldn’t find any videos about it on youtube. Hope you guys can help me out with it. :slight_smile:

That’s not easily feasible as of now. You’ll need to either:

  1. Use JavaScript to let the user sign in with their Google account and give you access to their Google play games account, then use the REST API via JavaScript network requests (the GDevelop ones do not support authentication headers) to interact with Google Play games. This will not work when offline.


  1. Create a new Cordova plugin (last time i checked all the existing ones are too outdated and not allowed to be used if you plan to publish to the play store) to access the Java Google play games library to Auto-Login into Google play games and interact with Google play games from JavaScript events in your game. This will work offline but will only work on Android.

Ideally someone would do both of these tasks as an extension and publish it, but nobody did so so far.