How do i integrate Third party extension in gdevelop?

Well I need to integrate the extension in gdevelop. Can anyone tell me how to do it.

Hi. All information is on the wiki: Create your own extensions (behaviors, conditions, actions or expressions) [GDevelop wiki]


This is not an extension in GDevelop terms. is a third party development package.

To integrate it you would need to know and understand javascript programming language, learn the SDK, and to fully build out a GDevelop extension in the engine using javascript events.

There would not be a guide or tutorial on this as it will require you to be fluent in these concepts already.

However, I believe some members of the community are tinkering with, so an extension may be built by someone in the future. There is no guarantee nor timeline on when or if this would be completed, though.

Ok Then Be it in the future.