How do I know the programming language used?

What programming language does the program gdevelop use?


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Thank you, my beautiful friend, but I don’t understand what you mean here

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Well done, now you understand,
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As far as I know Java isn’t used anywhere in Gdevelop. Javascript is the core language that the events basically get translated into. Java and Javascript are very different languages that unfortunately have similar names.

So what do you suggest?
What language is used then?

This should help

GDevelop Architecture Overview

To clarify, there are three different ways to answer this:

  1. Your games made in GDevelop do not use a code-based programming language. You are not programming in any coded language when you work in the event sheet. The event sheet is the (Visual) scripting language. The only exception to this is Javascript events which are generally not used.
  2. Exported games are converted to Javascript in an HTML5 wrapper.
  3. The GDevelop engine itself is a combination of Javascript, Typescript, and C++.
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