How do I know what game version/file I am working on?

This has been bugging me for a while, but I am probably just being dumb…

In the older versions of Gdevelop, the current game I was working on was displayed at the top of the screen. e.g. game_001. But that disappeared several versions ago, and now I can’t see a way to work out what version I am working on other than do a ‘save as’ to reveal the name in Explorer or go to the open recent list and see what the most recent version I opened was… I often flip back and forth between versions when trying new features, but it gets confusing to work out which version I currently have open.

Not sure if that is what you want, but there is a “Game version” (or something named similar) extension that allows you to use an expression to retrieve the game version from the properties tab.

Thanks - not what I was after, but very useful!
I did a bad job of explaining. What I mean is when I am actually editing the game. I’m pretty sure that in older versions, it used to tell you the name of the game you were working on in the top bar. Kind of like this

Hi pro-quack, F11 is the full screen toggle keyboard shortcut. Do you get the project path and name at the top of the screen when you press it? Is that what you were looking for?

Hey - when I press f11, it just hides the Windows taskbar - no project file name or path, just the event sheet tabs.

Ah, must be a Linux thing, I get the full pathname and file name at the top.

I used to get it, but it disappeared a few updates ago…