How do I . . . light obstacle top-down barriers with Ysort

I want to make top-down barriers with Ysort … which are light obstacles. Unfortunately, when I do this, their texture is made black.

I saw another, ancient topic, which, in a confusing manner, explained something similar, but that involved putting the light obstacles in a different layer. If I do that, however, Ysort will no longer function properly, and there will be a parallax that massacres the barriers’ efficiency as barriers. At the upper part of the lava field in the image, also, is a sentient barrier character who needs to be seen to be understood as what it is: a talking grey barrier with a face. There is a gate directly north of the player. What I need to know is how to make it so that my light obstacles are illuminated while blocking light from whatever is behind them. And they need to be on the same layer as the player.

Did you try making invisible objects in another layer having the light obstacle behavior, then you sync up the layer’s cameras


I don’t know what happened before. I must have messed with something and then when I deleted the light layer and light and then reinstated them, it somehow kind of worked again. I must have set the shadow’s darkness somehow on accident. But then I tried what you said and at the top of my wall I put a 0-pixel-high light obstacle object that allowed for, if my wall itself was not a light obstacle, my wall to be visible, but only from the outside, which is basically what I wanted. Thanks.