How do I loop tweens

Hi! I am new to GDevelop and am making a platformer. I want to use tweens to change the angle of the character to move left and right to imitate kind of a wobble motion when they walk.

The issue is whatever I try to use to loop the tweens they only activate once, so if I use
“When this tween ends” it works only the first time it is activated. This is also the case for variables and timers.

I have tried to use the while loops, but they freeze the entire screen until the condition if False.

Not certain it will do what you want, but have you played around with this behaviour? Animation system - GDevelop documentation

It might be able to automate what you’re after without having as many events going.

I agree, this might not be the best approach. Tweens aren’t always the best method for something repetitive.

FYI, for these events, I don’t see any actions to start the other 2 tweens. It would usually be something like:

Under some condition Start tween1

When tween1 finishes, delete tween1, do stuff, start tween2

When tween2 finishes, delete tween2, do stuff, start tween3

And so on.


Is that at the begging I tried whiles, timers, repeat and when the tween ends. Later I switched from tweens to rotation and in that process I forgot to delete those conditions. The rotations work as intended.

Sorry that it was such a small oversight on my part, but Thank You for your help!

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