How do i maintain the same size for my object when it change it's animation?

I’m trying out the Isometric game in the starter but when my avatar, Minda, walks the size of the avatar will be differ when it is idle and when it is walking.

Can anyone tells me why? or if anyone have tried out the game? i can use some pointers. :grimacing:

Hi @Le711,
I have tried out the Isometric game, but the object size remains the same for me both in case of walking and being idle. If I got your question wrong, can you please rephrase or explain it? So that I can help you with it.

My case is differ. My avatar when idle and walking is differ size. You know how i can share my file with u ?

use WeTransfer or mozilla send

Yea please share a screenshot of the event window so we can have a look at the events.
A screenshot of the preview window is also appreciated :smiley:

I think the problem here isn’t the events, but rather the SIZE of your Sprite object.
Can you check to see if both animations have the same dimensions? If one is 16x16 and another is 32x32, then the size will change when you change animations.

You COULD theoretically solve it with an event, of course:

If the animation of NewObject is "Idle"
  do = 1 to the scale of NewObject

If the animation of NewObject is "Walk"
  do = 0.5 to the scale of NewObject

The action used is found in Sprite > Size > Scale.
Setting it to 0.5 would resize your Sprite to 50% of its original size. You can change it according to the size difference between your animations.

… But it’s troublesome and would take away an unnecessary chunk from the performance of the game if you do it too much, with also the possibility of looking sloppy.
It’s much better to edit the size of your Sprite in an external program - Piskel could work, if you’re in a hurry - and see if that solves the problem!

thanks that’s a great idea!



yeah you are right! Both their size are different. I’ll try to change their sizes but i did try to custom their size at “Properties”.


Hi guys,

Below is the link to the file. From WeTransfer.

Thanks again for all your help and valuable input!

Hi @Nilarjun I have shared the file in the comments below :blush:

@Le711 Yes as @MayhemCats said, try to make the sprites equal in dimensions. Use a photo editor to scale the image to a particular dimension.

I’m glad I could help!

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