How do I make a best/fastest time? solved

How do I make a best/fastest time.
Is “less than” a bug. or not work this way? (newbie alert)
In this messy screenshot, I took a hiscore template and tried to modify it, but I noticed a possible reason why my other attempts didn’t work correctly.
When I set (scenevariable greater than globalvariable), it all works great, but I want the opposite.
When set to (less then), it plays correctly a couple times then the previous, then seems to break and the “HScore” value becomes stuck on 0.

Thank you.

You need to add a condition so that the score < HScore check is only triggered once at the end of the race.

I tried ( trigger once) before the variable check and also tried one before the variable change, but both of them limited the HScore to about 1 second so I couldn’t really tell if they did anything else. Thank you.

I made a system that works (right now(I hope that it stays working when I import it in my game)) , I haven’t finalized it.(really understand how to tweek it yet) but I should be proud.
It uses a “game_time” and a “best_time” global variables. I also have to set a high value to the Scene Variable “time_1”.
Level event sheet

Level Map event sheet

Hope this helps someone, and thank you Gruk for encouraging me to work on it some more.
nevermind. this is’nt working very well.