How do I make a Boss fight with GDevelop

Hey guys,

I am pretty new to GDevelop and game creating in general. To be honest I don’t have any experience at all.

For scientific purpose (University) I have to create a Game with a Boss fight at the end. In particular we are researching the effects of InGame Advertisement. Has somebody an idea on how to create a simple game with an endboss. Or maybe someone has a sample I can use…? It is really just for a research study.

I would be really thankfull for any advice or help.


What’s the game genre?

If you open up GDevelop, and click start new project, there are a number of templates available. The 8-bit Space Shooter template has a boss fight at the end.

@MrMen is right. You have to tell the genre of the game or else, we would be giving you an idea to make a topdown boss when your game is a platformer.