How do I make a boss fight?

I’m pretty new to gdevelop and game creation, and I wanted to know how to make a boss fight in my platformer game. Are there any good resources or tutorials on creating a boss, or can someone describe a good way to start? Thanks!

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First I would think about what do you want the boss to do. Think about the behavior and obstacles you want to present. Then see if you can figure out a way to do it.

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what do you mean by boss?

Look what I do is select a scene where the boss will appear so create the logic there.

First set up all sprites and objects then assign the scene to an event sheet in my case is scene Level_10 and Level10 Events
I give you some tips on how to set up this

All my events are separated in Groups so is easy to find and debug errors
Then inside each group the events logic like
When the boss must start to move.

When the boss must run or fly

Hope this helps

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I don’t believe I’ve seen any guides on it, but if you’d like to see a boss battle in action, GDevelop’s included 8-bit Space Shooter starter has a boss battle at the end.

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I think you need more basic variables what join others first.

:grinning: Keep testing. Looks interesting.