How Do I Make A Boss Revolve Round the Player in a Semicircle

I am nearly finished my TPS game level. I am trying to make the level boss revolve around the player in a negative Y arc. The example provided by template in the Gdevelop online editor doesn’t work for me. Can anyone help?

How do your events differ from the template?

the put around object solution too is not working!

If you want the boss to revolve around the player, you need to include the player’s position in the action, in the form of Player.CenterX() and Player.CenterY(). As it stands, the rotation is around the fixed point (400, 300).

This is

better but still the boss goes out of the screen which i want to prevent. I want the boss to move in a semi-circular arc around the player

Sorry if i got my tone of voice wrong, I really appreciate all help coming my way!

There’s no apology required - I don’t detect anything wrong with your tone :smiley:

Sorry for this possible silly question, but since it’s a TS can I take it that you’re using GDevelop 3D?

Do you mean it comes out of the screen, as in the boss goes behind the player? But instead you want the boss to move back and forth from left to right in front of the player in an arc? I just want to be clear I understand what you’re after so we don’t go down the wrong track.

No, its not a 3D game, its very much 2d. I want the boss to move back and forth in front from left to right in front of the player in an arc.

Use abs around the sine function and subtract it from the player position (not adding it like you do atm). It will arc the boss along the front of the player, going back and forth from player left to player right:

Its still not working. Heres a video recording of the game play.

The relevant part of the event sheet goes like this:

That change position should be in it’s own event. As you have it now, it will only get actioned once, when the boss is created.

Yes!!! it works now! I had a query., however, will changing the 50 value in “50*TimeFromStart” help make the arc wider, what is the parameter to achieve that?

The 10 value determines the radius of the arc (or the distance from boss to player). The 50 affects the speed along the arc (so how fast it goes from side to side).

Thanks, sorry for the late reply, I was engaged with my “other world” professional work!