How do i make a collision with a specific color?

Hi all,
I m trying to generate quickly a maze. I would like the hero collide with the walls of course. I generate a maze (black and white or whatever color and white).

How can I make a collision with the black color ?

Is there a way to generate a collision mask automaticaly ?

Any idea ?

thanks :wink:

PS : and for fun a link to maze generator :
Maze generator

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Very nice project well done

Thanks, but Iā€™m not the author of th emaze generator, I use it to build my own leven in GD5. Or for the moment I try.

I know how to make a collicion with a specific color in scratch, but I do no if possible here.

Maybe some software allowed to build automaticaly collision mask ?

Thansk again for reading

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Oh i see iā€™m sure someone here will help you eventually