How Do I make a event text list thats scrollable?

How do I…

Im looking to have a Event List thats scrollable on screen. Showing, say the last 3 or 4 but allowing the player to scroll back showing older things that have happened.
So line by line as events happen the text list scrolls down or up as new lines.
Im looking to be pointed in the right direction if someone knows or has done this

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Im guessing this is going to be a dead-end … Ive asked here and in the Discord without a response.

Not sure this will help as it’s not supported now I think, but have a look and it might give you some ideas

Thanks I will look into this tonight and see what I can find

I have a whole video on this topic.


I watched the video and I think this idea will work great. Im really only adding a max of 1 to 2 lines of text each action. Just a little tweaking and this should work nicely. I can find 50 videos about making things move or shoot or juice for the game but not many for Menus or UI items and thats about 50% of the game Im planning. (Its a throwback to the old Door BBS games)
I will try to work on this this week and make this work.
Great job thanks again
I also new to all of this my self but my old school needs dont fit into this high action kids world sometimes

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