How do I make a 'Game Over! Restart'?

Since the more I’m reading (codes and values and layers and …what!!!) the more severely lost I’m feeling, I’d seriously appreciate some help with this.

Short version, how do I make an image pop up that appears when the player dies
(at this point, the only ‘threat’ is falling off the map and disappearing instead of an enemy striking and killing the player)
that reads ‘Game Over. Try again?’ and all the person has to do is click / tap on the text to restart the game. (Because having to click the refresh / reload of a browser is getting annoying.)

Preferably, could you screenshot what I need and where it needs to be placed at?
That way I can see what’s needed and where it has to go in the GDevelop 5 program screen.
Just telling me variables and values and the coding itself gets me lost so fast that’s not even funny. :frowning: (Going from drag, drop, and duplicate to make stuff, to suddenly coding and variables and stuff is a bit too much for my mind to grasp yet.)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Trust me, it’ll help out big time.

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You can simply achieve this by using the action “Change the scene” and in that scene write the name of the present scene itself.

Note: Use this only when you need to restart the game and there are no other values stored in variable that is useful to you.


Thanks, Nitinmadeshia!

Um… where is the ‘Change the scene’?
I see ‘At the beginning of the scene’ in the New Scenes (Event) tab, but nothing that says ‘change the scene’.
(Yes, I am starting from scratch with all of this, so forgive my extreme newness to all of this and not knowing where most of the coding stuff is at. :,()

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Add a new action on the right and search “change the scene”. Below is the screenshot on phone:

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um… yeah… I don’t have / see any of that. ( I’m doing all of this on the computer version. GDevelop 5)
Unless you’re referring to the Scenes → New Scene ?

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Its located in the events, the events are divided into two major which are conditions and actions. Click on the add action and search for change to scene.

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