How do I make a game with Multi-Touch features?

Hello, I want to make a simple mobile game with a virtual joystick.
It has a 4 directional D-pad (Up,Down,Left and Right) and a Circle that makes the character jump.
When converting to .apk I discovered that I couldn’t press more than 2 controls at a time. And that I had to press one after the other.

How do I make it able to detect two fingers or more at the same time?

Just use the “Mouse/touch is on object” condition, it handles multitouch.
Check the platformer template, it has virtual controls handling multitouch :slight_smile:

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You’ll find in the Platform template that you have to deactivate the function that make the cursor follow the last touch: “All actions >> Mouse and touch >> De/activate moving mouse cursor with touches >> no” :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The multi touch works but, the player can only move while jumping if the jump button is held down.
If I just tap the jump button the player doesn’t move while jumping, only if I hold the button.
And once the player reaches the ground I can’t move at all, I can only jump until I release all the buttons.

Sorry, my “engrish” isn’t the best out there. I’m Portuguese you see. lol

Maybe a logical error. Some events screenshot, or a simplified project to share could help :slight_smile:

The project file is named “test” and if you want to try the .apk it’s named “TBP.GD.EngTest.0.0.1.apk” …

Have you tried with the web platformer template? I can’t test the apk right now, but the condition “A new touch has started” seems useless, I would even think that your game won’t work at all, since if you hold a touch over a button this condition returns false :confused:
If the template works as you want, you need to add the action “Move mouse cursor when touching screen: no” (maybe your game work because you didn’t add this action), and just test if the cursor is over the button sprite, as in the template :slight_smile: