How do I make a game

I am new to game development and GDevelop but would it be possible to make a boomer shooter in GDevelop and if so, how?

I had to check what a boomer shooter is. As this seems to refer to games in a pseudo-three-dimensional or semi-three-dimensional environment that’s not easily possible with Gdevelop, a dedicated engine for two-dimensional games.
There are projects that experiment with pseudo-three-dimensions (Pseudo 3D Examples) but if you just want to make a game quickly you will have probably more success with a dedicated engine.

Yes, it’s possible to fake the genre, because GDevelop is a 2D game engine, and does not do proper 3D games. Also, you’ll be doing quite advanced techniques with GDevelop that not many will understand. And it’s akin to throwing you into the deep end when you can’t even doggy paddle.

You can have a look at this pseudo 3D techniques thread. But you will struggle if you’re new to game dev.

I suggest you start at the beginning and work out how GDevelop works with the beginner tutorials. Otherwise you’ll be flailing and asking a lot of questions, many which will be for the wrong way to go about things.

Ok, Is there any engine that can be used to make a boomer shooter?

As far as I know a lot of the old games have modding tools. Aside from that engines like unity or godot let you make these kind of games. If you look for tutorials on youtube (e.g. ‘doom-clone in unity/godot’), you will find something to start.

Any 3D game engine will suffice. I think CopperCube is one that’s free and reasonably specced. There’s also Godot, or if you want to play with the big boys, Unity and Unreal Engine


There is no engine that can be used to make a boomer shooter. Boomer shooters are not a genre of game, but rather a subgenre of first-person shooter. The term “boomer shooter” is derived from the Halo community, in which players would use the Halo 3 Sword as an op meta weapon. Boomer shooters typically have headshots as the primary focus, and thus reward precision and aim over run-and-gun gameplay. Due to the headshot focus, most boomer shooters are slower paced than traditional FPS games. Games like Destiny and The Division are considered boomer shooters.

While I agree that there isn’t a “Boomer Shooter” engine. You seem to have your definitions inverted.

“Boomer Shooter” as a term is meant to signify things that used to be called Doom Clones. Much faster paced, no focus on location-based damage mechanics (Headshots don’t matter), and maze like levels.

Prodeus or Turbo Overkill are boomer shooters. The Division and Destiny are absolutely not.

For the original poster, I would agree with the recommendation at looking at CopperCube if you’re looking for a 3D engine which requires no code and can make a 3D FPS.