How do i make a lunar lander

I’m trying to create a project with a classic lunar lander or lunar rescue mechanic where the player controls a ship and lands it in the right place.

I imagine it’s possible to maneuver the ship sideways and upwards applying force to a specific point using 2d physics but still I don’t know the tool well enough to do it.

there some games that use this mechanics are lunar lander classic lunar rescue and lunar mission

if anyone knows anything about this it would help me immensely I will credit it in the final project thanks.

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Lunar mission is great. :+1:
Yes, Physics sounds like a good way to handle it, but it’s not the easiest of behaviors.
First, you should follow some general tut about GDevelop, then a couple tuts about the physics behavior, check out some physics examples, and with the wiki opened, you should be ready to give it a go.

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I’m studying physics in gdevelope but unfortunately I didn’t find projects similar to lunar lander I only found a game called dogfihts but it’s not editable.

Keep studying :+1:
You don’t need a similar project, but you do need to learn about the physics actions, what they do and how to use them. :slight_smile:
There are also a few tutorials on YouTube.

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thankyou very much :smiley: