How do i make a NES-Style title screen?

You know, the one that slides up like Pac-Man or Battle City or any of the oldest NES games.

Nothing special, i just wanna know. And maybe this will help on my next game.

No images, nothing, just text.


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You will need to give more context cause not everyone has played NES game (like me). What do you mean by the title screen that slides up?

Oh my! Sorry in advance.

What i mean is one o’ these : Battle City Title Screen

Really sorry tho. :no_mouth:

The link you just sent had this:

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I did something like that with camera movement, sorry for the gif quality but here you go (meaning you can do it too :slight_smile:


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here is example at resolution height 240 pixels



the first 2 events moves the title you can ignore the key press is just an example.


WOW THANK YOU!!! I really need this for my project

Special Thanks To : Shadow_Assassin

Case closed.