How do i make a pinball flipper?

I want to make a pinball game, i have all other functions working like a pinball machine except for the flippers, im trying to use the physics engine (the newer 2.0 version)
but i have no idea how im going to figure this out. i want to use the left key for the left flipper and the right key for the right flipper, i cant figure it out.:slightly_frowning_face:

Do you have your graphics ready? background, ball, obstacles and levers/flippers?
Add the graphics to the scene, add physics behaviour to the ball, the obstacles and the flippers, and add revolute joints to your flippers to β€œpin” them.
Then when keys are pressed (conditions), make the flippers move (actions).
After that, it’s a matter of finding the right values (gravity, mass, velocity) to make it look realistic.
see Physics Engine 2.0 [GDevelop wiki] for details on the revolute joints and the forces.