How do I make a Scroll-able UI for Android?

I want to make a menu that has the scrolling feature but since I’m new to this I don’t know how to do it.

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Since you’re new to this, I’d recommend you to start with something easier, focus on the actual gameplay, build a working prototype and take care of details like menu animations later. :slight_smile:

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One way to do it is simply drag and move the camera.
An example is included with GDevelop called “drag camera with mouse”.
I have updated the example recently with the ability to limit how much you can drag the camera, you can download it from here (

Just disable/delete the events to move camera on the X axis if you want it to move only up and down.


True, but what about later then? thanks for helping.

Alright ill make sure to try it, thanks a lot for helping!