How do i make a scrollable text window

I’m kind of new to Gdevelop and was looking for a way to set the game context through text. But that would need the functionality of a separate scrollable text window or popup. I tried my best searching the forums, youtube and google but didnt find anything that would let me achieve that. It would be great if you could provide me with suitable leads or solutions!

I’m not sure I completely understand what you are trying to do, but I have made a scroll-able window before so I may be able to help there.

The main thing I used is the “object masking” extension. Create one object as a background, and other the same size as the background as a mask (all red or something, then hide the object at the beginning of scene in the events). Add a text object to hold the text, and mask it using the mask object. Then add buttons to click or keyboard controls to move the text object up or down

As it moves up the part of the text that rises above the background will be hidden by the mask, and the part below the background will come into view as it arrives into the mask from below.


@Luxon5 Thanks for the tip and sorry for the late reply!

About a year ago I made a scrolling inventory that uses the sprite masking that @Luxon5 mentions. You can download the source and see how it’s done.