How do I make a shooter

so im a very new 2d game developer and i would like to know how to make a shooter whit downloaded assets so can anyone help me?

When you start up GDevelop, and create a new project, there are a number of game templates available. One of those is a complete level of a side scrolling shooter, with assets included.

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thanks! wait do you mean the physics one

No, the 8-bit space shooter, as highlighted below:

Yes, that is a good example.


If “x” key released and the player is turned left then create a object/bullet at the player position and then moving to or away from the player i.e. +50 pixels/sec for right and -50 pixels/sec for left on the X-axis.

And if you want a precise shoot location, lets say from the barrel of the gun then do this:
Ps. Forgive me if I forget some of the names of menus ect.
Im on my phone so I cant go and check.

For this example we will assume the player character has a gun as part of his animation.

Go to the Player sprite’s name and animation editor.
Form there press on the points bar next to the edit hit-box.
Then at the center bottom there should be a button that you can press to customize the points. Click it.

Then add a custom point and name it FirePosition.
Then go back and save changes for that sprite.

Then go to the actions and events.

Add a event with a condition “on button release (your choice)”
And another condition below that “trigger once while true”
For the action
Create a object at the players position, it should look something like this:

For example:

If “e” key released
Trigger once while true
"Create object Bullet at Player(“FirePosition”)

After that just add a force to the bullet + for right and - for left on the X-axis.
To stop the game from overflowing, add the “destroy when outside of screen” event to the bullet.

but i mean like im not a scripter and i never been im more liker a builder are they any other stuff i can make whitout scripting

you don’t exactly have to script, but you will need to work with gamelogic and execute it with events.
GDevelop makes making games as easy as possible but that does not mean making games is easy.

Maybe following a video tutorial is more your thing. This one is quite good: How to Create a 2D Platformer Shooter in GDevelop.